dear (highschool) freshman me

dear fourteen-year-old me:

hey, there. how are you? i can answer that. you’re doing pretty well, yeah? going into high school, that’s exciting. it’s so nice to see you. here’s some advice before you venture out into this new chapter, okay?


  1. don’t worry too much about what you look like. you’re cute as a button, honestly. you will always think back to how carefree you were and excited about life. keep that smile on your face.
  2. the people you are surrounded by now will not be the people who will be with you forever, and it’s not a bad thing. things change, people grow. it’s just life, my dude. 1794648_10152454279752333_3504262393535637974_n
  3. you will spend a lot of time watching “rip vine” compilations on youtube. do you even have vine? (update: Vine was founded in 2012, so i’m sure you already know what it is/use it) just be prepared. savor those moments. soon it will all come to an end. r.i.p vine. gone but never forgotten.11219105_697012377065836_180320652475750366_n
  4. take cp chem. i will repeat once more. take cp chem. i know you think honors will benefit you, and it will prevent you from taking honors algebra II (don’t do that either.) but hey, newsflash, you did it anyway. getting a “B” in chem will be one of your more prouder moments, to be completely honest.10622869_542638502503225_5029490415875062198_n
  5. don’t live in regret. apologize for your mistakes. there’s nothing you can do but apologize, make any changes necessary, and forgive yourself.
  6. the guy you start high school dating will not be the guy you finish our high school dating.
  7. you shouldn’t push those feelings down about the new kid jack anymore. stop telling people you don’t like him. you do. and one day you’ll come to your senses, kid. love him with your whole heart. he deserves the world.11214323_10155644372750142_4514800947280413630_n
  8. pray more often. your relationship with Jesus should be your priority. i know you’re all “cool” because you can have your phone out at lunch but you’re never too cool for God. don’t forget that.11742834_683419765091764_1522484351979370355_n
  9. be mindful. mindfulness will soon become very beneficial to your mental health. meditate often. pray even more. watch yourself and think before you speak and act. and lower your voice for goodness sake. not everyone needs to hear you all the time.
  10. do. your. homework. gpa is everything. and take the sat december of your junior year. that way when you’re not happy with your scores you won’t be too stressed because you will have time. trust me.10353097_10154449271450142_8250609260760528355_n
  11. take care of your car. you will miss cece and wish you gave her baths more often.
  12. write more often. those poems you are working on: finish them. it will be worthwhile and you will continue to develop your craft.
  13. study more. that is all.
  14. enjoy every moment. savor everything because somethings will become memories, but some will be forgotten or lost in all the hub-bub and that’s scary.
  15. never take high school for granted. the next four years will suck sometimes, but they’ll be four years you will want back.12308308_730462070387533_666688713544898864_n
  16. don’t waste time. do what you love without worrying about what other people think.
  17. just do you, boo boo!! just do you!!
  18. give him a chance. you will be so glad you did and wish you did it earlier.
  19.  make more memories! if you stop worrying about what other people think so much you will be much happier, trust me!16864484_1002632349837169_4025694540156443324_n
  20.  people will disappoint you, and that’s just life. you will learn a lot about yourself over the next four years and while it’s important to make friends and trust people, nobody’s perfect. it’s okay to take a step back and keep to yourself sometimes. it’s okay.
  21. sleep more!!!
  22. the next four years will be great. you will meet so many new people and experience so many new things. your focuses will shift, and that’s okay. you will learn just how capable you are.

good luck, my friend!

with love,

(high school) senior you.


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