about me

hello there!

welcome to my ‘lil blog.

my name is kendall and i was born and raised in the deep south where “yes ma’am, no ma’am” is law and drinkin’ sweet tea is the regional pastime. although i love the small historic town i was born and raised in, my heart longs for that “big city” life. i love the feeling of skyscapers above my head and people all around me, buzzing like thousands of bees in one big hive. while it’s always been my dream to live in metropolis, the mountains have my heart. ever since i can remember, my parents have been taking me and my two older siblings to this same little town right off the edge of the appalchian trail. a beautiful river runs right through it and that’s where i learned to raft and zipline. i am also convinced it’s where my infatuation with trees began. there’s no question as to whether i am my happiest in the great smoky mountains.

just zipping through life and loving every minute of it

now while that might seem like alot (and quite a contradictory paragraph) it’s most certainly true. for my whole life i have felt this tug between the two sides of myself- one, professional, a writer, a CEO of some major publishing company- and the other- the adventurer, she loves to hike and get dirty and feels the most alive nestled right in the heart of mother earth.

me, posing in front of the entrance to my happy place 🙂

over the summer, i live and work at a summer camp in my hometown. while i never went to overnight camp growing up, i am a huge advocate for each and every child to go to summer camp. having a place you can call your own out of your school routine is such a blessing. camp, to me, is a place to be myself, a place to meet my best friends, and a place to face my biggest fears. (and i mean it, you have no idea how close you will get to people until you spend every day with them for three months!!) it is a place where kids can learn more about jesus and the things he is doing in their lives while learning who they are and will become!


growing up, i loved school. learning has always been a huge part of my life. i attended the same private, episcopal school for my entire young adult life. i am now a senior, and by the time i graduate i will have been attending the same school for fifteen years (which is kind of crazy!!)

going to such a small school, the people in your grade become your best friends (all of them!!) as of this moment, i will graduate with nine other students. it’s so bizarre for someone who isn’t used to it, but i absolutely love it and wouldn’t have it any other way. the relationships i build here with both students and faculty will truly last for years to come (proven by graduates from years past who still come back to visit!!) during those fifteen years, i have met the most wonderful people. within that group of ten or eleven friends you will make from your actual graduating class, of course there will be those smaller little groups that form. that’s when my little group comes in. at this school i found four best friends that i can’t imagine my life without. and low-and-behold, i ended up dating one of them.

(l to r) jack, me, faith, abby, and audrey!!

like i said, i am a senior so the college search is in full swing. the hunt for my “perfect fit” has been long-anticipated and i can’t believe it’s finally here!! i didn’t realize it until i actually started looking at perspective schools, but location is a huge priority for me. finding that “city vibe” in a mountainous area while still having my particular combo of major and minor (comparative literature and women’s studies) is a tricky task!!

so this is me so far. i hope you stick around for awhile 🙂