i am so often asked what i want to be when i grow up. although this is such a common question, it’s still just as daunting. i immediately blurt out “i want to major in english.” and am immediately shot back with “well what are you going to do with that? i didn’t know you wanted to be a teacher!” i stutter and mumble something like, “i don’t really know,” or if i’m really brave, “i want to be a writer.” of course, eyebrows are raised at this. “oh, okay!” and they stop asking me questions.

why is it such a stretch to be an author? the response you get when you tell someone you want to write for a living is the same as if i said i wanted to be an astronaut. my response is “why not be an author?” in today’s modern age, it’s never been easier to be published. yes, you read that right. more and more creatives are turning to self-publishing for a more hands-on approach to the handling of their works. some of my favorite authors are self-published (and quite successful i might add!) notice: they’re both poets. imagine telling someone you want to be a poet and they’ll laugh right in your face. (little do they know,  their opposition will only fuel the fire.)

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inspired time and time again by these lovely, bad-ass female writers, i took a look at myself and asked the same question i have been all along: why not? why not me? why can’t I write a book? what do i have to lose?

so i did it. i wrote a book. a poetry book, in fact.

it’s not my final masterpiece, but it’s something. it’s a start.

so, here she is. my start to the answer to that same question. 

loose change is something i have always dreamed of. i didn’t know what it would look like, what it would be called, or even what it would contain. growing up, i thought that being a writer meant you had to be a “new york times best selling novelist.” but now I know that being a writer is all that i want it to be. it is all that i can imagine and fit into two covers and a spine.

so, to answer your question. no, i don’t want to be a teacher. i want to be a writer. a poet, to be exact.

in fact, i already am.

loose change will be available for purchase at a later date if you would be inclined to do so. stay updated on my story and the cultivation of this little bundle of words by following my socials and keeping up with me here. thehomesickwanderer.wordpress.com